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Unlock the Power
of Customer Loyalty
& Acquisition
with Sweete

Sweete's mobile solution unlocks powerful customer loyalty & acquisition. Seamlessly integrate, engage users, and fuel growth. Contact us today!

Highly Customisable
Discover a Platform That Prioritises User-Friendliness and Dependability.

Pre-Built Integration
E-commerce, POS, Mobile, CRM, Email Service, and More.

Exclusive Strategies
Increase Your Repeat Purchase Rate by Up to 80%

The Benefit of Rewarding
Customer Loyalty

Tired of losing customers to your competition? Low retention rates hurt your bottom line. Customers who don't feel valued may switch to a competitor, leading to negative reviews and reduced referrals. The solution? A well-designed loyalty programme! It creates positive customer experiences, strengthens relationships, and gives you a competitive advantage.

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Increased Customer Retention

Keep customers coming back for more.

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Set yourself apart from the pack.

Happy Shoppers

Positive Customer Experience

Deliver the experiences they crave.

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Enhanced Brand Reputation

Encourage positive reviews and referrals.

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Higher Lifetime

Increase customer spending over time.

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Lifecycle Data Analytics

Track trends for continuous improvement.

About Sweete

Sweete is a leading sales promotion agency specialising in reward and loyalty programmes. Founded by Kathy Peyton, an industry expert with over 20 years of experience, we offer innovative reward solutions – think free flights, pampering, paintball, and more! We handle design, development, and delivery for a cost-effective, hassle-free experience. We thrive on a challenge and aim to deliver bespoke campaigns that meet your customer needs. Let's collaborate to build a tailored campaign that supports your objectives. With in-house expertise, we'll craft the perfect solution. We make life easier with exceptional customer service – life is sweeter with Sweete!

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Loyalty Solutions



Connect with customers seamlessly across all channels for a consistent experience.



Save time and effort with automated marketing campaigns and personalised messaging.


Customer Service/Experience

Deliver exceptional support and build positive relationships for increased loyalty.

Reward & Incentive Solutions
Tailoring the Perfect Programme for Your Business

Points-Based Rewards

This classic approach allows customers to accumulate points with purchases, redeemable for discounts, free products, or special experiences.

Exclusive Perks

Offer members-only benefits like targeted discounts and personalised experiences. Reward purchases, referrals, engagement – the choice is yours!

Gamification Programmes

Inject fun into your programme with digital gamification! Points, rewards, challenges, and contests to keep customers engaged and excited.

Tiered Programmes

Motivate customers with milestones! As spending or tenure increases, they advance through tiers, unlocking greater rewards and exclusive benefits.

Coalition Programmes

Maximise your reach by partnering with other businesses in a shared rewards programme – perfect for expanding your impact.

Hybrid Programmes

Combine the best of all worlds! Points, tiers, referrals... create a unique rewards system that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Reward Staff and Clients with up to €1,000 per year completely Tax Free

We understand the importance of appreciating your staff and clients. That’s why we offer tailored loyalty and promotional campaigns that suit your needs.

Rewards are more than just a token of appreciation. They communicate your value for your clients, employees, and customers. While the reasons may vary across different groups, the ultimate goal remains the same - to build loyalty and foster meaningful relationships.

Call us today on +353 1 5545 770 to learn more about our reward programs and start building stronger relationships with your staff and clients.


Sweete clean up at the Irish Loyalty & CX Awards 2024

We would like to congratulate all of the finalists at the Irish Loyalty & CX Awards but a special congratulations goes to our clients Vodafone for winning 'Technology Programme of the Year' & 'Irish Loyalty Programme of the Year', SuperValu Musgrave for winning 'Loyalty Innovation of the Year' and Flogas Ireland for winning 'Best Loyalty Programme as voted by the public'.

Our Clients

“Sweete are a pleasure to work with every month and will always go out of their way to ensure everything is done correctly, compliantly and to perfection."

Laura Curley


We have developed a great partnership with Kathy and all the team in Sweete. Their dedication to delivering on our KPIs for engagement and customer loyalty is evident in every project we do with them.

Sarah Priestman


"Kathy never fails to deliver for us on this and her business has shown great agility in successfully executing both B2B & B2C promotional campaigns."

Annmarie Markey
Coca-Cola HBC Ireland

Sweete Solutions


  • Holiday/City Break Prize

  • Free European Flights

  • Holiday Vouchers

  • Ski Vouchers

  • Airport Lounge Passes

  • DAA Fast Track Pass

Image by Anh Tuan To


  • Cashback

  • Free Dining

  • Hotel Breaks

  • Experience Days

  • Retail Gift Cards

Image by Allan Nygren


  • Free Beauty

  • Free Golf

  • Family Fun Days

  • Free Bowling

  • Free Ice Skating

Image by rebootanika

2 for 1

  • Beauty

  • Golf

  • Attractions

  • Dining


  • Reward Programmes

  • Capture Campaigns

  • Thanks You Promotions

Work for Sweete

We are looking to hire an energetic well organised Office Administrator supporting a range of departments from basic office administration, customer care, logistics and operations to join Sweete in a full time permanent role.

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